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Clinical anatomy of the heart for successful arrhythmia treatment

Date: Postponed Venue:
Hands-on anatomical workshop with live video-demonstration and heart specimen dissection

Dear Colleagues,

We are very sad to inform you that our Course in collaboration with EHRA ”Clinical anatomy of the heart for successful arrhythmia treatment” for Vienna later this month, will not proceed as planned as well as EHRA 2020 congress.

Course directors together with the ESC and EHRA leadership have been following closely the recent developments around COVID-19. It is clear that severe measures must be prepared, and that physicians and hospitals need to prepare themselves to deal with the epidemic. As a result, over the past days, more than a third of our congress faculty have  cancelled their participation – a number which continues to rise. We have discussed the situation with our partners who share the opinion that, under the current circumstances, the course cannot be held as planned and has to be cancelled. We are now discussing how we will move forward: whether there is an option for postponement; for delivering some of the planned content via webinars or other online format. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Our focus now is to allow you and your hospital to fight this epidemic. We wish you all the best in these uncertain times and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Course directors
Dr. Maxim Didenko
Dr. Christoph Scharf

This unique course will provide specific knowledge in anatomy and morphology for practical electrophysiologists and everybody who interesting in improving their qualification in techniques of electrophysiological procedures.

Individual registration fee is 450 Euro. This price include participation in the course, hands-on dissection for the first 20 registered and snacks during coffe-breaks. Please fill the registration form completely including full address. We need it for billing.


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Clinical anatomy of the heart for successful arrhythmia treatment





  1. Lectures with slides and simultaneous live video-demonstration of heart specimens (on 2 screens or picture in picture). One present slides and second (Max) present through the camera.

  2. Lectures with slides 15 min and then 15 min live video-demonstration and discussion.

  3. Hands-on dissection of fresh-fixed heart specimens (20 persons for 10 specimens) divided in 4 groups. Every group has personal instructor from the faculty. MD present step by step dissection trough the camera and show anatomy and techniques of procedures. Instructors help participants to dissect, help to recognize different anatomical structures, show techniques of procedures, share tips and tricks and answer questions.

  4. Normal slides presentations

  5. Workshop with simulators with demonstration heart specimens

Some videos from workshops

Our anatomical workshops have aim to provide anatomical and morphological knowledge for electrophysiologists with very deep integration with cardiac electrophysiology and technique of different procedures. In our experience hands on dissection courses have highest priority among well trained experiences EP (see the photos and videos below).

  • 1st in St. Petersburg (2008)
  • Moscow (2011)
  • St. Petersburg (2012)
  • Novosibirsk (2015)
  • Previous evets EHRA in Russia


12.10.2018 Hannu Parikka MD PhD Cardiovascular Laboratory Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine Helsinki University Hospital A pioneering teaching movie about basic electrophysiologic procedures. The idea is to show catheter and electrode positions inside the human heart as they should appear in real therapeutic situations. Catheter ablation techniques of common supraventricular and ventricular tachycardias, atrial fibrillation and flutter are explained in details by demonstrating the arrhythmia substrates and subsequent catheter locations. Moreover, electrode placements to both common and uncommon locations to pace the myocardium are shown. With the aid of this DVD these therapeutic procedures, which are elementary but not always easy to perform, become comprehensible. This DVD is made with profound dedication to human science and passion to the art of electrophysiology.
22.12.2018 Dr. Сидорчук здорово!!! Ждем следующий курс!!
08.12.2018 Dr. Philipp Sommer Perfect teaching at #ehrainrussia Alexander Romanov and Maxim Didenko make in parallel a clinical case with anatomical demonstration. Great idea!
13.05.2018 Dr. Saheen Sajjad Great. Please make more and ELABORATELY with this kind of heart medel. Really helpful.THANKS. I know that it is the real Human Heart Specimen as I am well known with this specimen from my Practical Anatomy Lessons etc. Well, There are some videos from your part in this You Tube. We are looking more and more syncronizing with the EP tracings and Practical ablation matters etc . If possible please upload with explanation the Electro Anatomic tracings so that we can learn a lot before doing our works in the EP lab. Really those of your videos are very much helpful for us.
17.12.2018 Dr. Дупляков Браво Максим Диденко и Александр Романов клинико-анатомический практикум плюс параллельная видеотрансляция в рамках курса EHRA in Russia!!!! Ничего подобного не видел.
30.04.2019 Dr. Якушев Андрей (Украина, Киев) Благодарю Вас за обучающий курс EHRA в Загребе. Это был один из самых ожидаемых курсов лично для меня, в первую очередь, из-за базовых знаний анатомии и эмбриологии (вроде анатомию все проходили, но взаимоотношение структур и проекций так наглядно не рассматривали нигде). Клинический материал так же прекрасно структурирован и изложен! После курса остались прекрасные впечатления!
08.12.2018 Dr. Philipp Sommer Lessons from #ehrainrussia: ablation of typical flutter with live anatomical demonstration by Maxim Didenko. Would be also great for #youngDGK @DavidDuncker @jedrzej_kosiuk
21.12.2018 Dr. Темешева Е.Ю. Видео-демонстрация и уникальный клинико-анатомический практикум под руководством д.м.н. М.В.Диденко позволили участникам самостоятельно на реальных препаратах сердца изучить особенности электрофизиологической анатомии и отработать позиционирование катетеров при различных тахикардиях, изучить технику транссептальной пункции. Профессор А.Ш. Ревишвили, анонсируя практикум, назвал его «уникальным образовательным мероприятием не только в России, но и во всем мире». С этим трудно не согласиться! Более того, однажды побывав на практикуме, возникает желание вновь и вновь посетить его, чтобы снова постичь тончайшие нюансы анатомии сердца.
09.10.2018 Dr. Смачный Д. Отдельное спасибо Максиму Викторовичу Диденко за уникальный для нашей страны анатомический практикум, это освежает знания анатомии сердца, позволяет лучше ориентироваться в его камерах во время операции.

Knowledge of the anatomy is the basis for a successful interventional procedure of any type


"Very nice presentation and demonstration of anatomy and ablation details on a specimen. Thank you."

"Very nice video. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it."

"thank you sir, your video is very helpful. good job."

"Great. Please make more and ELABORATELY with this kind of heart medel. Really helpful.THANKS."

Many physicians, who are doing electrophysiological or other procedures since decades, have not touched a human heart specimen since anatomy courses in medical school. Now they have the unique possibility to see and examine the human heart and visualize the anatomy related to their interventions. Our workshop is guided by international faculty including the 2nd vice-president of HRS Prof. Fred Kusumoto and has been held in different formats already many times during more then 10 years with enthusiastic echo from the audience (“Perfect teaching… Great idea!... Would be also great for #youngDGK” Philip Sommer).

Thank you for your time and let us know if you have any questions.


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